Friday, May 11, 2007

Checklist - Live Albums

Le Bataclan '72
Dynamic, 2003

  1. Waiting for the Man
  2. Berlin (Lou Reed)
  3. Black Angel's Death Song
  4. Wild Child (Lou Reed)
  5. Heroin
  6. Ghost Story
  7. The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All
  8. Empty Bottles
  9. Femme Fatale
  10. No One Is There
  11. Frozen Warnings
  12. Janitor of Lunacy
  13. I'll Be Your Mirror
  14. All Tomorrow's Parties
Live at Rockpalast
MIG Records, 2010
Disc 1 (Essen 1984):
  1. Autobiography
  2. Ooh La La
  3. Evidence
  4. Magazines
  5. Model Beirut Recital
  6. Streets Of Laredo
  7. Dr. Mudd
  8. Leaving It Up To You
  9. Caribbean Sunset
  10. The Hunt
  11. Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend)
  12. Heartbreak Hotel
  13. Paris 1919
  14. Waiting for the Man
  15. Mercenaries (Ready For War)
  16. Pablo Picasso / Love Me Two Times
  17. (I Keep A) Close Watch
Disc 2 (Bochum 1983):
  1. Ghost Story
  2. Ship Of Fools
  3. Leaving It Up To You
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Child's Christmas In Wales
  6. Buffalo Ballet
  7. Antarctica Starts Here
  8. Taking It All Away
  9. Riverbank
  10. Paris 1919
  11. Guts
  12. Chinese Envoy
  13. Thoughtless Kind
  14. Only Time Will Tell
  15. Cable Hogue
  16. Dead Or Alive
  17. Waiting for the Man
  18. Heartbreak Hotel
  19. Chorale
  20. Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend)
  21. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  22. Streets Of Laredo
John Cale Comes Alive
Ze Records, 1984
  1. Ooh La La
  2. Evidence
  3. Dead Or Alive
  4. Chinese Envoy
  5. Leaving It Up To You
  6. Dr. Mudd
  7. Waiting For The Man
  8. Heartbreak Hotel
  9. Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend)
  10. Never Give Up On You
Fragments of a Rainy Season
Hannibal Records, 1992
  1. Child's Christmas In Wales
  2. Dying On The Vine
  3. Cordoba
  4. Darling I Need You
  5. Paris 1919
  6. Guts
  7. Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend)
  8. Ship Of Fools
  9. Leaving It Up To You
  10. The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
  11. Thoughtless Kind
  12. On a Wedding Anniversary
  13. Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed
  14. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  15. Buffalo Ballet
  16. Chinese Envoy
  17. Style It Takes
  18. Heartbreak Hotel
  19. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  20. Hallelujah
More Fragments
Les Inrockuptiles, 1992
  1. Where There's A Will
  2. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  3. You Know More Than I Know
  4. Heartbreak Hotel
Circus Live
EMI, 2007
Disc 1:
  1. Venus In Furs
  2. Save Us
  3. Helen Of Troy
  4. Woman
  5. Buffalo Ballet
  6. Femme Fatale/Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
  7. Hush
  8. Outta The Bag
  9. Set Me Free
  10. Cable Hogue
  11. Look Horizon
  12. Magritte
  13. Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll
Disc 2:
  1. Walkin' The Dog
  2. Gun
  3. Hanky Panky Nohow
  4. Pablo Picasso/Mary Lou
  5. Drone - Into Amsterdam Suite
  6. Zen
  7. Style It Takes
  8. Heartbreak Hotel
  9. Mercenaries (Ready For War)
  10. Outro Drone
  1. Fragments: Model Beirut Recital/Sold Motel/Gun/Reading My Mind
  2. Heartbreak Hotel X
  3. Dancing Undercover
  4. You Know More Than I Know
  5. GravelDrive
  6. Chorale
  7. Ghost Story
  8. Jumbo in Tha Modernworld
  9. GravelDrive (Blathamix)
  10. Big White Cloud (2007 remake from Smoking Aces soundtrack)

6 comments: said...

Great blog, full of informative detail & insight. Do you have by any chance the EP "More Fragments" issued by the French Magazine Les Inrockuptibles as a companion to "Fragments for A Rainy Season"? It features "Where There's A Will", "Close Watch", "You Know More Than I Know" & "Hallelujah". If you could post these tracks on your blog as good quality mp3s, I would be grateful.

George (from Dublin).

Inverarity said...

I don't. If I ever pick it up, though, I will.

George Loukakis said...

Hello again,

I was finally able to find the "More Fragments" EP from a contact in France and in my book, it is essential John Cale listening. "Where There's A Will" is beautiful and I like this version of "Heartbreak Hotel" better than the version found on "Fragments". Here it is as a wav zip:

Enjoy & share!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, George! I have several posts underway, but this may push me in a different direction...

George Loukakis said...

Sorry, I accidentally deleted the "More Fragments" file, which can now be found here:


Certifiablockhead said...

Essential indeed...thanks pal