Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hi. I am going to do a trial of AdWords ads. If I can cover the costs of domain renewal at least, it might be worthwhile, if it doesn't kill the visual appeal of the site (ha). If nothing else it will be a learning experience.

If you hate it, let me know. Your opinion counts (R).


phelix said...

Fantastic version. Top notch site

phelix said...

Great site

Inverarity said...

Awesome, thank you!

More on the topic: I am disgusted by some of the spammy ads I've seen so far. I'm trying to filter things to legitimate ones only. If I can't, I will remove the ads.

Inverarity said...

Spammy banner ads were pissing me off. A malware audio format converter was the last straw. I got rid of them.

Inverarity said...

After more than a month, I've made $2.88. Not really seeming worthwhile at present...

Inverarity said...

Haha, after almost two years, I'm up to about six dollars. If we can make it to $10 (so they'll actually pay me) I'll get rid of the ads!

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